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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

In our Aubevoye factory that is ISO 14001 certified, we have implemented 2 concrete approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions relating to our activities:

  • We optimise our logistic flows so as to reduce the amount of kilometres our lorries have to cover to transport our merchandise.
  • We foster collaboration with French suppliers for our tops for sealing the bottles and for our glass bottles.

Reducing waste

In our Aubevoye factory that is ISO 14001 certified (the management of the impact of activities on the environment), our raw materials (including glass and cardboard) are made from production using recycled materials.

We strive to optimise the quantities of materials used in manufacturing our cardboard packaging.

Plus, 100% of our recyclable material (cardboard, glass, plastic) are sold back to waste management companies and are put back in the recycling circuit.


We guarantee the development
of quality products

The Marnier-Lapostolle family's quality standard is a priority.

Our ISO 9001 (quality management) and IFS (food safety) certifications demonstrate the means we have implemented and the level of mastery we have reached in terms of quality and food safety.


Cultivating french savoir-faire

As a family company, for generations we have passed on our family artisanal skills and we showcase them by offering outstanding products.

We are proud to be a part of the Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Companies), which is a label issued by the French Government to companies that practice artisanal savoir-faire and that partake in the tradition of French excellence!


Promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices

Since 2011, all the vines used in our wines from Chilli are certified 100% biodynamic by the CERES, in accordance with Chilean, North American and European requirements for organic and biodynamic product certification.

Biodynamic viticulture aims, in a general sense, to rehabilitate, boost and intensify organic life in the environment where the vine is growing. This approach consists of improving exchanges between plants and their environment (earth and air) so as to obtain better grapes (and therefore better wines).


Saving energy

We work daily to reduce our energy consumption.

We have a lot to show for it:

  • 23% less electricity used in our spirits manufacturing sites in one year.
  • -36% electricity consumption and -51% gas consumption over 4 years.

Preventing any risk of pollution
on our industrial sites

We work sustainably to control the impact our activity has on the environment in a normal situation but also in the event of an accident on the sites where we produce spirits.


We promote responsible drinking

As a family company since 1827, we are very attached to our ability to bring strong values to moments of conviviality.

As an active member of the "Avec Modération!" ("With Moderation!") association, we are committed to promoting responsible drinking and we are intent on reminding our clients that our products can only truly be enjoyed when drinking responsibly.


Supporting future generations
in this sector

Since the creation of our company in 1827, we have been driven by the pleasure of passing on our passion and skills and seeing them thrive in new generations.

Therefore, we train the key players in the future of this sector.

For example, we often host students from Agro Paris Tech Massy for Ph.D. research projects and we offer training in the form of modules with hotel management schools.


Overseeing water management

Thanks to the reorganisation of our industrial operations and the optimisation of our manufacturing processes, we manage our water consumption efficiently in our manufacturing locations.

As an example, all our "Château de Sancerre" wines are filtered with materials that use little water. This material enables us to use 3 times less water than if we used regular filters.

Grand Marnier

We are acutely aware of our responsibility towards society and of the part we play in bringing together high performance and the assurance of a positive impact on the environment and society.

Therefore, as a family company since 1827, we have implemented a responsible approach based on 2 strong commitments that are dear to our company: the protection of the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Have a look at our locations and our operations and discover more about our actions!

Drink with style, Drink responsibly

Our packaging are subject to recycling instructions.