What you need

  •  1 part GRAND MARNIER® liquor (40ml)
  •  1.5 parts fresh orange juice (60ml)
  •  1.5 parts soda water (60ml)
  •  A wedge of lemon (optional)
  •  Garnish :  2-3 seasonal berries  
  •  Ice cubes

How to make it

In a tall glass, pour GRAND MARNIER® and orange juice over ice cubes. Fill up with soda water. Squeeze a wedge of lemon above the glass and add same wedge in the glass. Garnish with seasonal berries.

Barista's tip

Replace soda water with Champagne for exciting and glamorous moments.
“A perfect mix to reveal the intense wild orange aroma of GRAND MARNIER® liquor in a refreshing sparkling drink.