Fruity Shortbread

What you need

  • 6 shortbread biscuits, around 7.5 cm in diameter
  • 150 g chocolate and hazelnut spread
  • 2.5 cl whipping cream
  • 1 cl water
  • 3 cl GRAND MARNIER® liqueur®
  • 18 hazelnuts
  • 18 pistachios
  • 18 pieces of candied orange peel

How to make it

Preparation time: 15 min:

No cooking needed

  • Mix the spread, whipping cream, GRAND MARNIER® liqueur and water.
  • Spread on the shortbread and decorate with the hazelnuts, coarsely chopped pistachios and candied orange peel.

Chef's tip

You can of course replace the shortbread with another type of biscuit, like almond cake or Madeleines. This will of course produce a different, softer texture. You can also pour a few drops of GRAND MARNIER® on these cakes for a gourmet version. You can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.